Venture Capital & Strategic Advisory Services

Treasure Ahoy!

Artist's Rendition of the San JoseBevans Branham served as a force with the corporate finance team assembled for the search and discovery of the legendary San Jose, the “holy grail” of treasure salvage ships. This venture capital process classically integrated leading-edge research, science, technology and finance with entrepreneurial excellence in this great breakthrough find for all time of extreme cultural, technological and economic significance – today’s value approaches $20B. The numismatic, or antique value of the gold coins and gem quality emeralds on the San Jose, is yet significantly higher.

Bevans Branham Venture Capital Participation

Bevans Branham’s first VC project predated formal entry into the business with the launch of Oz Productions in the late 70’s, featuring the first hot, pre-programed background/environment feature music programming for restaurants, clubs, rock concerts and specialty retail. It was later sold to IBM. In concert, Bevans enjoyed on-going participation for many years in the music business as a promoter and producer, discovering and showcasing artists appearing at their restaurants and clubs – including Jamaican Reggae artist, John Bayley, with one of America’s first Jamaican music and food festivals, and classic lounge act, Denny Flannigan & the Moonrakers. They also served as advisor to Fallen Rock Recording Studios, who discovered and produced the Kamikaze Klones, opening for the Kinks and U2. Notably, they also introduced pianist and composer, Peter Kater at their legendary Rattlesnake Club in Denver, who subsequently enjoyed international acclaim as a pioneering jazz/new age platinum recording artist, and multiple Grammy Award nominee.

Bevans’ early success and numerous significant relationships led  to extensive involvement in the marketing and sales of a series of highly sophisticated, successful tax shelter syndications. These diverse and rewarding strategic activities laid the foundation for Bevans to enter into the boutique venture capital business. In the early 80’s, Bevans Branham became active in the incubation, pre-development and launch of numerous highly successful business ventures including, Diversified Technology (medical devices), Duke Energy (oil & gas exploration), ADT (high definition TV & jumbo screens), later sold to Mitsubishi.

Strategic Advisory Services

Bevans Branham found numerous opportunities to export the gifts and talents fine tuned through his previous business background into a series of illustrious consultancies. These activities over the years continue to this day and have included an amazing array of prestigious clients and associations, including forming Branham Investments, in 1990, a partnership with Max Witter of Dean Witter for clients such as the Real Restaurant Group, owner of Mustard’s Grill and Fog City Diner. Subsequently, Bevans served to expand national profile for Telluride Real Estate with T.D. Smith, and marketing of The Founder’s Reserve. Bevans also served in a strategic and creative advisory capacity to Mike Shannon, CEO of KSL Resorts, then based in La Quinta, CA – a premier boutique hotel developer and operator to corporate America.

Bevans and the Branham Companies have more recently, over the last decade, been privileged to serve as strategic marketing and investment advisors to a small group of high net worth individuals and successful companies, including as strategic advisor to legendary entrepreneur, Marvin Davis and Davis Petroleum, formerly America’s premier independent oil and gas exploration company, USI of Southern California – once the country’s leading insurer to the entertainment business and noted specialty insurance/financial products innovator and Landmark Golf Co. – internationally recognized developer of distinguished master-planned communities anchored by resort hotels and world class golf. Additionally, they were honored to participate as core team members with Pepperdine University, collaborating on the creation of their landmark Arts, Media and Culture Initiative – designed to interface with an important new vision for young leaders, connecting them spiritually and with one another to inspire and empower this group at a most pivotal time in human history.

Today, Lorie and Bevans Branham enjoy serving as strategic advisors to a small collection of highly innovative, entrepreneurial enterprises and successful companies. They participate in the strategic selection, acquisition and resale of distressed properties/special situations, focusing on real estate and resorts.