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pingtank logo 2Jeremy Greene’s story is being deemed as a second chapter of the The Social Network after his social media app PingTank was downloaded to over 600 million mobile devices over night.

Jeremy Greene of Waterville, Maine, isn’t a brilliant engineer nor has he come from a tech background. In fact, a year prior to his success Greene was living in a trailer park and moving in between foster homes. At the age of 15, Jeremy attempted to run away from the state’s foster system which ultimately landed him in juvenile prison. It was when Jeremy got out of juvie that he began to work on himself and his lifelong dream of music.

After creating music and uploading it to the then king of social media, MySpace, Jeremy’s popularity skyrocketed. Jeremy’s music started to get the attention of hackers and instead of thrashing back he saw an opportunity for more exposure. Greene insisted the hacker promote his music even further by gaming the MySpace algorithm. Although MySpace knew Jeremy was hacking them they couldn’t prove it, and in a twisted sense of fate, MySpace didn’t shut Greene down, instead they offered him a record deal. Jeremy Greene had the opportunity to  work with Diddy, as well as collaborating with artists such as Pitbull, Chris Brown and LMFAO, but his music career didn’t last long.

Soon enough Jeremy was broke and found himself trying to revitalize his music career from a trailer park. Ultimately, after watching the movie The Social Network Jeremy instantly knew he wanted to build something. It was a dream Greene had that night that led to the idea of PingTank. Jeremy saw an opportunity for social media users to vividly express themselves through photos. The app was built by Jeremy’s friend Derek Myska who has a degree in computer science. PingTank allows users to choose from hundreds of animations and lay them over over photos on various apps such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Users can then “ping” the creation if they like it or “tank” the photo if they don’t.

It was a cold Facebook message to Lars Halvor Jensen, now CFO of PingTank, and Jeremy’s unwavering salesmanship and determination that launched PingTank into a multi million dollar venture capital. Not only was legendary venture capitalist Tim Draper impressed, but Rafe Furst, co-founder of Crowdfunder referred to Jeremy as “a force of nature who creates value out of thin air and runs through brick walls that stop others in their tracks.” This is why Rafe, among numerous others, is a PingTank investor and why Tim Draper has named Jeremy Greene “the founder of the next Facebook.”