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One of the many hurdles that come with being an entrepreneur is establishing credibility in the initial stages. While character plays a significant role in your success, ultimately, your reputation will speak volumes when it comes the gaining the support from others. In order to expand your professional network and build a credible rapport, you have to earn trust. You can’t expect to earn people’s trust overnight, but you can be mindful of your interactions and the way people perceive you.

First and foremost, if you’re looking to build a business, it’s imperative that you’re honest. Being dishonest about company initiatives, whether the truth is revealed or not, will greatly hinder your credibility. By omitting sensitive information or embellishing projections, you’re creating a manipulative nature for your business. If you’re looking to earn trust, it’s best to be transparent, even if it costs you a deal. More often than not, your transparency will be appreciated and convey the good faith of your business.

Another contributing factor in establishing credibility, is being sincere. Much like being honest, exercising sincerity will speak volumes when it comes to your company values. Presenting yourself in a sincere manner, will make you more relatable. It’s important that you convey your message in a genuine way, without sounding fake or boisterous. Insincerity is often apparent and will leave potential business prospects with a negative impression.

Above all, be confident. In order to build credibility, you have to get people to believe in your idea. If you’re not confident in what you’re pitching, no one is going to bite. Know the difference between being confident and being arrogant. Be proud of your company initiatives and express that. When presenting your ideas to others be enthusiastic, yet endearing. Mastering the two will showcase your confidence without being overly abrasive.

By maintaining your transparency and showing people that you’re reliable, you’ll slowly begin to establish a rapport. Garnering trust will ultimately lead you to referrals and new opportunities. Remind yourself that perception is everything and is more often than not, a glaring indicator of your success.