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What does it take to be successful? That typically depends on who you ask. Everyone tends to have their own opinions on what makes someone successful. Some people may attribute their success to determination, while others may attribute their success to their education or experience. In my opinion, what makes someone successful is their attitude.

I recently read an inspiring article from, titled Harnessing Happiness to Build Your Career – Advice From an Uber Product Leader. Throughout the article, Frederique Dame shares “a list of the most powerful lessons” that she’s learned from her experience as a product leader at SmugMug, Photobucket, Yahoo!, and now Uber. One of the more inspiring lessons offered was to “make your own safety net”. Dame questions the reader “What if you just decided that you were going to be fine no matter what?” Although a difficult concept to adopt, I found it to be quite refreshing. Federique shares that by adopting the “you’ll be fine if it doesn’t work out” mindset, it can have a significant impact on your overall success. She goes on to suggest that by harnessing this mindset it allows you to be more daring and trust yourself, which can be of significant value in one’s career. After sifting through the various “lessons” that Dame shares, I found that the most prominent “lesson” in the article was her attitude in every situation.

When it comes to finding success, most people tend to neglect the obvious, like their attitude. We’ve all heard the saying, attitude is everything, and while a bit cliche, it rings true.

Your attitude governs the way the world perceives you and often times, your success mirrors that perception.

Learning to monitor you attitude can have a significant impact on your life. Most professionals fail to self-reflect, which compromises their ultimate potential. It’s so important to be aware of your mindset when approaching any scenario. How you choose to react in those situations will ultimately determine your success. Despite the hardships that you’ll inevitably encounter throughout your career, it’s imperative you remain mindful of people’s perception. Harnessing a sense of self-awareness, in every aspect of your life, will have a significant impact on your relationships. When you choose to cultivate a positive attitude, despite the adversities at hand, people will gravitate towards that positivity.

By simply choosing to adopt this new mindset of self-awareness, you’re already on your way to finding success. Improving your attitude will help you establish relationships and expand your professional network. It’s important that out of every success or failure, you take something away that is positive. Practice monitoring your attitude and I guarantee your life will change for the better!